Caitlin C.
I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Two Birds Events. I recently worked closely with them on a wedding for a close family friend. The wedding was lovely and every last detail was taken care of without a single issue. This was not a simple wedding and the work done by Erica and her team was extraordinary.

The day of the wedding I watched them in action and I can honestly say I have never seen a team work so hard. I have been involved in many events over the years and Erica’s attention to detail, communication style, artistic talent, and overall experience is by far the best.

I will definitely work with them again.
— Caren P.
Erica Hoffmann and the Two Birds team were instrumental in making my wedding a flawless, well executed, picture-perfect event. To say I was an easy client is an understatement. I am a “hands on, type A, extremely involved client. I had very high expectations for my day of and with Erica’s help it was truly the event I had dreamt of as a little girl. I met with Erica and her team at least 7 times prior to my wedding, and she was constantly available to me whether it was phone, email, or text at all times of the day. She had great recommendations for vendors to use and had connections with all of them. Erica’s team consists of her sister, April, and her husband, Nathan. Having a man as part of the event team really put my husband at ease. He was able to ask Nate questions and use him as a resource throughout the entire process (such as where to get groomsmen gifts and what to say in his opening welcome speech, as well as have Nate present during the “pre” wedding time for any questions).

At the event neared, she took control of the event: coordinating the timeline with vendors (her survival guide was truly over the top with EVERY detail that would make any type A client swoon) and ensuring I was aware of any changes to the day of. By the time the week of the wedding arrived, I felt confident the day would go perfectly. From a wardrobe malfunction to a table placard getting lost: these were issues that I never knew about until after the wedding. Any other problems that arose were taken care of Erica & team and unbeknownst to me or my wedding guests, which is how it should be at any event. Erica excelled at communication, execution and met all of my HIGH expectations. I strongly recommend her and the Two Birds team for any event you may need planning for: you will not be disappointed.
— Caitlin C.
Your event planner shopping stops right here. Two Birds was incredible. We hired them to help put together our company summer picnic and they completely blew my mind. Erica had the best ideas and was able to execute everything perfectly with our venue and with all the vendors. They ran into an issue with an Amazon order they placed for some of our materials and it wasn’t delivered in time. But did this stop them? No. They were up at 4 am the day of the event going to any and every store possible buying everything we needed from the amazon order. I would not have even noticed that had happened unless she told me. She was on guard the entire event and basically made it the best party I had ever been a part of. I had multiple people come to me and say it was the best company party they had ever been to. They made it enjoyable for kids and even for dogs. Long story short, I basically love these guys.
— Megan K.
This was me, “Budget of $10k, 8 weeks to plan, execute and pull it all off, no dress, no venue...can you make this happen?”. She smiled big and said, “Yes, but we’ll have to start today!”. That’s when I knew we were going to be an unstoppable team!

One of the best decisions I made during the whole wedding process was hiring a wedding planner. I knew I had to have some help given my tall order of must haves. From dress appointments, invitations, music lists, venue appoitments - you name it and she was there. Helping me, guiding me and most importantly making sure that I was on budget, on schedule and excited about the entire process.

She knew exactly what my vision was even when I’m sure I wasn’t explaining it very well, haha. She had amazing design recommendations, helped contact vendors, and was great on offering ideas to save money! I wanted my wedding to be unique and she was great in achieving that. She made my life SO easy and I couldn’t imaging doing all of that work by myself! People approached me the week before and day of the wedding and said that I didn’t look stressed at all...I wasn’t! I knew everything would turn out perfect and stress free because I had Erica.

I enjoyed every second of our day:) I have attended weddings since then that did not have a wedding coordinator and I just thought to my self, “I am so thankful that I had Erica!” Months after, we are still receiving so many compliments on our wedding and I know it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly or beautifully without her.
— Stephanie C.
I would definitely recommend these folks, and I will also use them again when the next event needs planning. I wanted to have a team that would anticipate the smallest things, and have a sense of my style so that they could execute much of it without needing me to be involved. They also worked beautifully with our caterer, and took incredible photos to boot! We had two events in one weekend and they made each evening special while keeping it efficient. When most of our path lighting went out, they covered it with tea-lights - not only was it beautiful, it was quick thinking and didn’t involve me to resolve. Overall very, very impressive!
— Ty C.
Erica Hoffmann is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things wedding! She is a wonderful resource and a delight to work with! She is clearly passionate about making YOUR vision come to life and pours her heart into all she does. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to planning your wedding or if you just need a vendor referral, she is your “go to” gal!
— Kristin H.
My husband and I hired Erica and the Two Birds team to help us plan the winter wedding of our dreams! For the entire year leading up to the big day, Erica was professional and patient, always making time to answer the hundreds of silly questions we came up with. She also helped us stay on budget! Most importantly, the Big Day was everything we dreamed of, and more. Most importantly made it entirely stress free for myself and the guests! She thought of everything. I highly recommend Erica and her team for a wedding, or your next big party!
— Annie E.
My wedding was flawless and enjoyable for the second the day started! Erica and her team ensured no detail was too small (even down to walking our dog and taking care of our blisters) From the beginning, I was so impressed by her attention to detail and knowledge of the industry. She asked questions me questions to help me realize what my “vision” truly was and was there to help execute any piece of it.
I would recommend working with Two Birds and would work with them again in a heartbeat!
— Jessica M.
Zach M.
Hired the Two Birds team to facilitate our wedding planning. I’m not one for words, but it was amazing. I’m a stickler for budget and originally wanted to go for a day of planner. My wife convinced me otherwise. I’ve never been more grateful. To see this level of effort put into my wedding... It was like I was in some theater production. The setting was perfect. The music was perfect. The organization, which I had no idea was such a big deal, was so on point. If you want a fairy tale wedding without the stress, Erica and Nathan are who you want. Cream of the crop.
— Zach M.
Tanner N.
I summoned the two birds for an Orcas Island Wedding for 150 (high degree of difficulty!) and they helped make an incredible and unique wedding on a modest budget.

They are the Swiss army knife of wedding planners (scheduling, bar tending, signage, power bars handy, dancing, bow tie-tieing, etc. etc.) and are very fun people to party with.

They are very detailed and helped us stay on task and budget. Absolutely loved my wedding and the Two Birds. 5 stars, would recommend.
— Tanner N.
I am the event coordinator for the Westlake Center Tree Lighting Celebration and hired Erica and her team for our VIP reception. I needed someone onsite day-of and to be very hands on, and she did exactly that. It seemed like Erica and her team thought of everything! They were very attentive to my needs and goals for the VIP event, as well as being great hosts to our VIP guests. They were able to do everything from decorating the area to coordinating vendors, checking in guests, coordinating raffles, etc. I received great reviews from guests who attended about the Two Birds team. They seemed very impressed with the level of service they received. Overall, I would definitely recommend Two Birds Events. The team was wonderful to work with, and Erica especially was such a pleasure. It was like working with a friend!
— Monisha S.
On the three occasions that I’ve been to an event produced by Two Birds Events, I was VERY impressed by two key things:

1) Their principal planner, Erica, has VERY good taste in all things. What first come to mind are her spot-on good taste in cocktails, unique and tasty appetizers, and themed elements/themed pairings of drinks and food. The event’s theme or themes are visible in the choices of food, drink and decorations, and the event becomes more memorable as a result.

2) Every detail is well thought-out, from the event schedule to the placement of food and drink and seating. I’ve never once had the feeling at an engagement planned by Two Birds Events that the room was too stuffy or too empty. There is always the appropriate amount of people, food, beverages, music volume, lighting, et cetera. It’s rare to leave an event without a single complaint, but I’ve left their events feeling that they were flawless every single time.

Two Birds Events is a planning firm that I would trust to plan an event from start to finish, and I wouldn’t have to worry about one single detail. I wouldn’t feel the need to micromanage because everything is thought about and planned for beforehand. That ability to delegate and have faith in one’s planner is exceedingly rare, and Two Birds Events deserved applause for providing this kind of peace of mind, as it is exceedingly rare in the hyper-stressful, detail-oriented business of event planning. If you want your event to be flawless and stress-free, you know who to call.
— Cameron N.
Erica of Two Birds Events was my day of wedding coordinator and she was AWESOME! It was nice to have someone help me stay organized and prepared throughout the engagement, and not only did she make sure that everything went according to plan at both the rehearsal and the wedding, but she kept me sane along the way! She was so detail- oriented and I am so glad she was there to take care of the little things that came up. She is very friendly and professional, and I felt like she was listening to my wishes and concerns the whole time. I would definitely recommend Erica and Two Birds Events to anyone planning a large event or wedding! She’s the best!
— Katie W.